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Mandate and Mission of AICRP-NSP (Crops)

Aim (Mission):

  • To ameliorate Seed Replacement Rate (SRR) and Varietal Replacement Rate (VRR) through production of adequate quantity of breeder seed and to develop regional specific seed technologies for improved yield and productivity.



  • Production and supply of quality nucleus and breeder seed as per national requirement.

  • Development of field and seed standards for seed certification and testing, respectively for quality seed production.

  • Deployment of frontier technologies including biotechnology for establishing distinctness of varieties.

  • Identification of locations for disease free seed production and development of rapid molecular techniques for detection of different seed borne diseases.

  • Identification of suitable seed treatment/materials/methods and its synergistic effect on safe storage of seeds.

  • Human resource development of various stakeholders to demonstrate the superiority of quality seed in improving agriculture production.