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ICAR-Indian Institute of Seed Science library is being strengthened with books from National and International publishers. At present, it holds annual reports of different projects of ICAR-IISS, and other ICAR institutes, newsletters, technical bulletins, national and international journals and many books and manuals, which avail are 
  • 2100 numbers of books related to diverse field of agriculture and allied subjects (Agronomy, Pathology, Entomology, Seeds Science and Technology, Plant Breeding, Genetics, Horticulture, General Agriculture, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, Animal Science, Biotechnology, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Statistics, Molecular Biology, Crop Physiology, Biochemistry).
  • Diagnostics characteristics of pearl millet, soybean, cotton, groundnut, rajmash, rice. 
  • Working sheets on seed borne diseases- karnal bunt of wheat, ear cockle of wheat, loose smut of wheat, grain mould of sorghum, ergot of pearl millet, bunt of rice, anthracnose, charcoal rot and purple stain of soybean.
  • Disease free seed production of pearl millet, castor, cotton, rice, wheat, sorghum and soybean.
  • Morphological, chemical and electro-phoretic descriptors of soybean, ground nut, sunflower, castor, mung, urd, pigen pea, chickpea, sorghum, pearl millet.
  • Guidelines for nucleus and breeder seed production of field crops. 
  • National guidelines for conduct of test for distinctness, uniformity and stability (DUS). 
  • Laboratory protocol and training manuals.
  • Research Highlights of AICRP - National Seed Project (Crops): 1979-2005 and AICRP –National Seed Project (Crops) XI Five Year Plan Accomplishment (2007-2012).
  • Annual reports of IISS, AICRP- NSP (Crops), ICAR seed production: seed production in agricultural crops and fisheries and other ICAR institutes.
  • Annual reports of PPVFR and DUS testing through ICAR –SAU System. 
  • Proceedings of different meetings in relation to various projects being coordinated and monitored by ICAR-IISS. 
  • ICAR-IISS Vision -2030 and 2050. 
  • ICAR-IISS information Bank.
Digital e-resources of IISS library  
  • Online free access of peer reviewed national and international journals through Consortium of e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA).
  • Recently, DSR Library has been digitalized, through LAN connection, now all the Scientist/staffs of DSR can view the list of books & their availability, details of books etc. through the web link http://dsrlibrary/webopac/
  • CD version of various ICAR publications related to Agri-Horti-Animal-Fishery technologies.
  •  CD-ROM version of scientific literature (CAB abstracts) starting from 1979 to 2010.
  • CD version of Indian seed industry database 2011. 
Library Automation  
The ICAR-IISS library is operating fully automated environment. The various activities of library have been computerized using integrated library software Total library software system. The record of books and journals were entered in the database.  Bar-coding of books for automated circulation is under active process. Online public access catalogue is made available for the library users


 Dr. Swapan Kumar Datta, Deputy Director General (Crop Sciences), Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, Dr. J. S. Chauhan, Assistant Director General (Seed), Indian Council of Agricultural research, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi, RAC chairman Dr. S. K. Rao Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, JNKVV, Krishi Nagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur (MP) and RAC members, visited library at ICAR-IISS, Mau on 27.12.2014.





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