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Dr. Bhojaraja Naik K

 Scientist (Sr. Scale) , Genetics and Plant Breeding

 Email: bhojaraja[dot]naik[at]icar[dot]gov[dot]in,  bhojaraja.naik[at]gmail[dot]com

 Phone: 0547-2970721


  Joining date in ICAR  (yyyy/mm/dd) :  2012/07/02

  Educational Qualification:


 Degree  University  Year  Subject/ Discipline
 B. Sc. (Agri.)  UAS, Bangalore, Karnataka  2007   Agriculture
 M. Sc. (Agri.)  UAS, Dharwad, Karnataka  2009  Genetics and Plant Breeding
 Ph.D  IARI, New Delhi  2012  Genetics

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Professional information:

 Current area of Research/Specialization: Seed quality enhancement in rice and finger millet

 Ongoing Projects:

  •  Improving hybridization efficiency, seed set and development of male sterile lines for hybrid seed production in Finger millet [Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn]
  •  QTL mapping for seed vigor in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

 Awards/ Fellowships:

  •  ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship for Master’s Degree programme
  •  ICAR-Senior Research Fellowship for Doctor of Philosophy

 Salient achievements:

  •  Unravelled the floral characteristic and floral behavior of Finger millet through studies on cultivars with distinct morphological characteristics and wild relatives.
  •  Increased hybridization efficiency and seed set in partial male sterile line PS – 1 through  foliar application of growth hormones.
  •  Through phenotyping of the 155 rice germplasm for seed vigour characters identified lines with high and low seed vigour and developed two recombinant     inbred populations.
  • Delineated the inheritance pattern of aleurone layer colour through bio-chemical tests in rice. The colour pattern with standard phenol/modified phenol, NaOH and KOH tests in F2 progenies of both the crosses showed 9:7 (complementary gene interaction) and 11:5 ratios (reciprocal dominance modification of recessive alleles), respectively.
  • Characterization and identification of 155 germplasm lines of rice based on chemical test viz., Standard phenol test, Modified phenol test, NaOH test and KOH test revealed  that, most of the germplasm studied were distinct from others.



 Research Papers in National / International Journals (Nos.)  09
 Paper presented/ abstract published  10
 Chapters in training manual / book (Nos.)  10
 Technical Bulletin / Extension folder (Nos.)  02
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